Sunday, September 23, 2012


Quotes that I found to be interesting/insightful: 

  1. “A symbol is an image or a thing which acquires its symbolic value through the meanings and emotions it evokes in us.
  2. “For, once we have formed a concept of a thing or a process, we can play with it in the imagination: the object of our thinking no longer needs to be present; we can reflect on it in its absence. What is more, we can relate one concept to another and, through their interplay, create myths, arts, and religions and make new scientific discoveries.”
  3.       “The eternally recurring themes of childhood and youth, love and sex, hunting and warfare, sickness and healing, death and rebirth, fertility and sacrifice-everything that constitutes a core experience of human life – has been put into symbols and tales which, for all their manifold variety, often share striking resemblances to one another, wherever on this planet they have been brought into being. “

    A quote I found to be somewhat confusing:

    1. “And they give rise to a challenging question: if the physical signs of anger, fear, sexual desire, and numinous experience are all broadly similar, what distinguishes one from another? The answer can only lie in the psychological perception of what is being experienced and this is determined by the actual circumstances that are being responded to.”


A Dream

I never suspected I could be capable of murder (however involuntary). I was making a visit to a past love with the innocent intention of borrowing his old textbook, for the costs of school books have become absurd. We spent time lounging around his apartment while catching up with each other’s lives. Even though the conversations were pleasant, it was getting late, and so I knew it was time to ask him to kindly fetch the book. As time drew on and he did not return, I decided to check if all was right.  I opened the creaking door and called out “Javier!”, and there he was standing there on one leg, balancing on a rickety beam. As soon as his name left my lips, his balance was as good as gone, and there he plummeted down to his death. Then I woke up.